Station Speelhuis

Concept, Installation

Station Speelhuis

Together with Nicky Liebregts we developed this live radio concept. 6 families of Breda’s street ‘Speelhuislaan’ allowed us to change their living rooms into radio stations. Audience could take a seat on rolling benches situated on the old tram rail in the middle of the street and listen and watch the different radio stations. The theme of this year was “temptation”. At radio station “Temptation Tunes” you could listen to old records where the DJ told you some anecdotes and background information about the music. At “Parade Praatjes” we held a talkshow podcast. You could listen to fairytales in front of the bookshop window “Voorlees Verleiding”. And we selected a couple of short films for station “Frame Flatteus”. 
Client: Zuidlijn
Partner: Nicky Liebregts


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