Glow 2015

Installation, Videomapping

Glow asked us to develop a social project for one of the streets on the route of Glows edition of 2015. We worked together with 6 families to make analogue videomappings for their houses. We had a couple of workshops to make the content together. Each house contained a different theme;” Construction/Deconstruction”, “Decoration”, “Nature takeover”. For the first theme, the families had a selection of materials to build; such as blocks and leftover material. They were asked to rebuild their houses with the help of a wooden grid of the facade. For the decoration theme the families were asked to decorate their miniature facades with whatever they liked and for the “Nature takeover” we build a miniature facade and used it as a kitchen garden and planted cress seeds. We made video registrations of the process and timelapses of the growing seeds which resulted in the final projections for Glow 2015. Because we used scale models of the houses, the projected visuals creates an optical illusion of the families doing real adjustments to the house. 


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