Show Design

Clashlight visualises the identity of the Philips Stadium. When you think of football stadiums words like harmony, competition, power, winning, struggle and pride always come to mind. The typical sounds of the Philips Stadium are fused into a composition. We hear the cheering of supporters, the train racing by and the reverberations of a concert by Guus Meeuwis. The Philips Stadium is, moreover, the only Stadium that has its ‘roots’ in light. So, inevitably, lamps and light are the stars of this show. The result is a multidisciplinary experience that blows away the audience and shakes the complex to its foundations. Commissioned by Glow for the celebration of 100 year anniversary of PSV. 

Artistic direction: Noralie
Animation/content: Afterlight   
Lighting design: Patrick Slots            Technical production: Afterlight & Evelements
Sound design: Rutger Muller             Adopted by: Philips


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